Don't Fear the Review!

So for our very first post, we're going to talk about and review the Old Father's Harvest box.
First off, the Old Father's Harvest is the latest set to come out. It includes Thresher, Buckwheat, Ploughman, Millstone, Tater, and Fallow.  In addition, it comes with a large millstone terrain piece, a radish ball, and a pretty unique and fun goal featuring a pig enjoying a nice mudbath. 

Personally, I love the models in this box. The way they function/what they bring to the team and the models themselves. I fortunately got my hands on both the Limited Edition Tater and Millstone models, and they are superb.

(Sorry for the poTATER quality. I'll stop MILLING about.)

First off, we'll talk about a hot item from this box: Thresher. 

The reaper himself finally hits the pitch, and boy, his Character Play is misleading. You should most certainly fear him.

Thresher has a pretty solid statline, with major strengths coming in with his TAC and Kick values at 7 and 3/8" respectively. 4+/0 is also pretty agile for an old man, and he's got a 5"/8" speed, which is on par with a number of other captains. Looking at his playbook, he really puts that high TAC stat to use, with momentous damage starting on the 2nd column, and a handful of knockdowns as well. On 4 hits he can trigger They Ain't Tough!, giving an enemy model -1 ARM, which helps the Farmers into the higher armored teams such as the Masons or Blacksmiths. His other Character Play, Don't Fear The... is an absolute power play. Dealing 3 damage out to everything within 3" of him is incredibly strong, especially since this benefits from Harrow's Tooled Up. Looking at the back side of his card, we see Scything March, which allows him to make a 1" dodge when he knocks somebody down. Extended Reach is his claim to fame, and this is what allows him to brawl without worrying about being hit back. Crow Scarer (which grants Poised while within 4" of a friendly harvest marker) is also incredibly strong for a 2" melee model with a high TAC stat. Against the Grain allows both him and his team to come back from the brink and lay down some heavy hits.

Overall, Thresher is a monster of a captain. His high fighting capabilities in addition to his solid goal threat make him a feared opponent. I've had many 6 point activations with him, and he's often scored all 12 points himself before. That being said, he's got his weaknesses. Thresher's only innate defensive tech is Crow Scarer, which is dependent upon him being within 4" of a harvest marker, which is not guaranteed due to Don't Fear The... which can put him in an awkward spot. Despite being a hardy farmer, Thresher also has a lower amount of hitpoints than several other members of the guild. 

Next up, we'll talk about Buckwheat.

Known to be an ass who's a pain in the ass, Buckwheat is a strong control mascot. His stats are decent, with a surprising 2/8" kick for a donkey, but beyond that, there's not much else to write home about. But when you look right below that, you see that ol' Buck has something going on. With a momentous 1 and a knockdown on one hit, you know exactly what he likes to do on the pitch: kick you down and kick you hard. He's also got a momentous knockdown on two, and more damage and a tackle further up. Carrot & Stick allows him some extra movement if he's around a harvest marker, and he's got a nice 9 health for a mascot. Looking at the back of his card, we see his abilities that make him shine. Ass Kicking combined with Territorial allows him to, with one hit, knock-down an enemy model and launch them 4" directly away. After that, we see Buckwheat gives the pushes, but is unaffected by the first he takes with stoic.

Buckwheat is a solid little donkey. He's fantastic for holding the ball until needed or for moving an enemy model into/out of the way. His playbook is fantastic, especially when you consider his Character Traits. Drawbacks? He's slow unless you give him an influence or let him eat your harvest markers, and he doesn't produce any influence.

Now we have Harrow's big brother, Ploughman.

Looking at his card, we see what we'd expect from a guy with a giant plow: a little slower, a 3+/0, 2/6", and TAC 5. On one hit, he triggers his signature Character Play, Furrow, which combined with Fertile Soil from the back of his card, allows you to double your harvest markers in his AoE. We also see the Ploughman has some buffs for the rest of the team, giving out free Glides within 6" of him in addition to being able to cast Defend the Ground. Finally, we see that Ploughman likes to get dirty with Mud Concealer, which gives him +1 ARM when he's in rough ground.

Ploughman helps you make more harvest markers and helps your team against charges. Pretty bluntly, he's a nice little niche defensive/tactical pick. He's fantastic into enemy models that have Foul Odor, like Fangtooth and Casket. Other than that, he's really not doing much else. Most of the time you'll want to lay down Furrow, so tossing him an influence or two will get you everything you need from him.

Grinding along, we come to Millstone.

Looking at her stats, we see something odd for Farmers: Armor! Looking at the rest of her though, we see that she likes to hang back and usually have Get in the Goal! up on herself, and Get Out! is a nice little play you can use at the start of the game to shove your models out an extra 2". Her playbook isn't anything fantastic, but it's what we'd expect from Farmers: damage, pushes, and knockdowns. Take One for the Team, a 6" aura, is what gets her out to the field. Being able to take a condition hit for another friendly Guild model is huge, especially into knockdown heavy teams or the Alchemists.

Short and sweet, Millstone is a defensive piece for a relatively forward team. She keeps the team going, and she helps defend against enemy goals.

All the girls love him, all the guys wanna be him. That's right, it's Tater!

We've seen what Tater can do for a while now, since he was the first Farmer's model to be "released". Since then, he hasn't changed much. His stats are pretty standard for the guild, but he's got a 3/6" kick and 1/4 INF. Looking at his playbook, we see that he's a bit of a brawler, and his two Character Plays are quite good. Regaining 3 HP from eating his veggies allows Tater to regain almost half his health in one turn if you Take a Breather with him. Mow Down, which is triggered off of 3 hits, allows him to knock down all models in his melee. Charmed [Female] is no surprise, and Fork Off! gives him Counter Charge when he's near a harvest marker. Make it Rain keeps enemy models in melee with him since he can trigger Mow Down, and Sweeping Charge gives him some Thresher-esque damage capabilities.

Tater's a capable fighter and goal scorer. He also can control the field well with Make it Rain and Mow Down, but don't forget, you knock down friendly models too! Tater is one of the Guild's most commonly fielded players, and for good reason. He can do almost anything you need him to. Just don't let his dreaminess distract you.

With age comes wisdom, so we get to the final model. Fallow.

Fallow also has a pretty standard statline for the Guild, with the exception of her TAC 3 and her 0/5 INF stats. Looking further, we see she likes to be in the middle of the fight with Get Stuck In! and her longer playbook for a base TAC 3. Fallow's Character Traits, however, tell us she's not just a frail old lady. Between a Rock... helps you position her when a friendly model suffers damage, and Protective Instinct helps keep the team safe as well. Making Hay and With Age Comes Wisdom allow her to become a veritable missile.

I've nicknamed Fallow "Old Lady Death." She can really lay down the smack and keep the team safe, and at a 4+/0 with 19 health and Rowdy, she doesn't go down without a fight.

Looking at this box as a stand alone set, it's actually pretty weak. These 6 only can make 2 harvest markers a turn, and the rest of the models on the team want to use them. Fallow alone wants two, and Thresher and Buckwheat need some as well. They also only produce 9 influence a turn, 5 of which Thresher wants himself. 

But looking at this box combined with The Honest Land, however, you get a very powerful Guild. Fallow and Grange work incredibly well together, as his Legendary Play plus Honest Labour sets her up nicely. Harrow giving Tooled Up to Thresher, Tater, or Fallow also really allows them to lay down the hits. Jackstraw also helps these guys get some harvest markers onto the field. 

Look forward to our next post, which will be on Pelage and Skulk, the two dual guild Morticians/Ratcatcher's players. Thanks for reading! 

-"Spartacus" Christiansen